What is Professional FX©?

We are a team of two traders with 15-year-old experience in thе Exchange sphere. During the years we have decided to unite all of our knowledge and skills and make them available for you, our customers. If you need to obtain information about FOREX trading and all the abilities for change and abundance, this is the right place!

Nowadays, running a business straight from home is a quite attractive way for most of the people abroad. But it’s of a great importance for you to remember that Stock Exchange trading is not easy. The difficulties are mainly concerned to make some profit and that’s why we are the professionals who will make things happen.

When you open “the door” and “enter the world” of FOREX, you will meet some unsuspected possibilities for you and your prosperity.

How can you help me?

We can suggest some high-quality services which are especially appropriate for the beginners and active traders, as well.

FX Signals: The service is both efficient and quite simplified. And because of these advantages each trader can gain more than he/she desires to.

Why should I use it?

Our Service will help you grow up as a professional trader and will make you detect and grab the best opportunities FX offers over the time. You can predict the future and get some more profit while relaxing at home.

If we have to give a definition of a trader, he/she is like a warrior who truly believe in his/her mission. This belief in the future success can be supported only by some steps and strategies given here. Our purpose is to train you and make you a trade master and to show you the shortest way of success, too.

Do I need any knowledge oder specific background to use your service?

There is no need for you to be an expert – let us play this role. The service we offer is a good one for people who are looking for a great investment or for those who just need some extra profit. This is an opportunity given to the beginners and also to traders with some FX trading experience.

Which broker should I use?

Its up to you. You can use any broker. Our Signals works with every broker.

At which time do you send the signals?

We post our signals when there is a trading opportunity from 8 АМ until 5 PM (UK and US sessions)

How do I use your signals?

The usage of our Signals is easy and comfortable. Daily, we focuses on all of the profitable strategies in each currency pair.

We share with our members in our telegram channel the Buy/Sell orders, the Entry point, Stop loss and Take profit levels.

How can I receive your Signals?

You can receive our signals via Telegram app. Telegram Messenger is one of the best messengers in the world and its free.

In order to receive our signals immediately with sound notification, we advice you to use Telegram app. Even you have bad network coverage, telegram works.

What is your success rate?

Our trading signals have actually a 80% success rate.

How many signals do you send in a month?

It depends on market conditions. Normally we send between 1-2 signals a day and about 30-40 signals in a month.

What is the difference between you service and the service of others?

We have a really clear and easy to use service. We don’t cheat you with multiple take profit points, unclear advice, lot of signals with high risk and difficult to manage.

We are honest traders for honest results. We NEVER cheat you like many services do.

What will the forex signals look like?

Example Only
GBPUSD – BUY: 1.2350 | TP: 1.2395 | SL: 1.2320

Will the signals I receive have multiple profits (TP) or just one?

No, our alerts will only have an entry price a stop loss level and a take profit level, we will never send you the old multiple take profit levels trick that other alert providers do.

Do I need to be at my screen all day to trade your recommendations?

Nope 10 minutes at the most, after we send you a trade signal you simply enter it into your brokers platform and your done. Matter of fact we recommend all of our subscribers to get the mobile version of their brokers trading platform so they can receive their signals and enter them from anywhere.

Is it risky to trade in forex market?

Investing in Forex Exchange Market is as risky as every other investment. The main reason is the desire of the traders who wants to take bigger risks but to get more money in short time period. Our piece of advice is to be careful when it comes to investments: the more carefully you proceed, the better you predict the risks and more successful you become.

Do you offer a refund of the paid subscription fee?

Professional FX© takes not responsibility for loss incurred as a result of our trading signals. By signing up as a member, you acknowledge that we are not providing financial advice and that you are making a decision to copy our trades on your own account. We have no knowledge on the level of money you are trading with or the level of risk you are taking with each trade. In this regard, the amounts paid for the use of our signals can’t be refunded.

How much money can I make with forex trading?

Practically, there are no limits for you when we speak about money making with FOREX. There is more than enough for everyone!

Note: You can make a great profit in minutes but you can also lose all the money you have in less than a minute. In all the cases we advise you to take measures and make decisions based on our research.

Can I use your signals from everywhere? At home, at work, at the beach?

Forex means Freedom! Of course, you can! Forex allows our customers and self-traders transform their hobby into way of accumulating profit. With a simple smartphone, telegram and your brokers trading app you can use the signals from everywhere and you can make money everywhere. This means Freedom!

What is the minimum of money that I need for the broker and trading with your signals?

It all depends on conditions your broker suggests. There are lots of brokers who allows you open an account with 50 or 100 dollars and you can obtain some primary bonuses that allow you to start your trading using their help, as well.

We do recommend you to start with $10.000 or more for a standart account opening or $1000.00 for a mini-account so that you will be able to control the risk. In addition, you will gain much more than opening a small account.

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